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Creativity feeds on collaboration.
The joining of minds. to forge something exceptional.

Professional Mistress, taking sessions in Aldershot and Sheffield.

I’m ready for you. You do want to serve me don’t you? It’s just a matter of time…

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I have been asked many times why and how I came into the lifestyle, so I thought I would share with you my journey and story.

Mistress Angel

Mistress Angel

Creativity feeds on collaboration
The joining of minds to forge something exceptional.

It all started when I was 17 years old with my boyfriend at that time. He had been to a sex shop to get some toys and decided to pick up one of the games. Unfortunately I cannot remember what it was called lol. Fast forward to the evening when we had some drinks and started to play the game I picked up a forfeit card and it said I needed to take a spanking and so I thought why not lets do it. You only live once, so make the most of it while you can so if at first you do not like it try and try again.


What can I say, that first slap across my arse was exhilarating and I realised that I did love a bit of pain as it was making me as horny as hell. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I I would be able to orgasm through spanking. I thought yes I have found where I belong and finally felt at home and comfortable with myself.


We then progressed to implements and very soon discovered that I liked to be caned being the impact and pain that I craved. In the meantime I was switching and doing the same to my then partner. It was at this time I realised that I loved both sides of the coin and always laughed when he moaned about it hurting.


If I fast forward about 4 years to when I was 21, that things took a turn for the worse with my partner. As we all know play has to be consensual. However he decided that consent did not matter any more and he ignored my limits and safewords. It was unfortunately the case that he was abusing me and I took the decision to leave the lifestyle. I then knew I would not let anyone who sees me to go through the abuse that I did. Trust and respect is a big thing for me and must work both ways with the D/s dynamic.

Shortly after ending my lifestyle relationship I met my very vanilla husband and thought that perhaps vanilla was the way to go after the experience I had endured. As the years ticked by I was craving the kink side more and more. I decided I wanted to be a Domme who cared for my subs respecting their limits and not cause them any harm outside of their limits.




Because their health and their safety are paramount. That’s my main priority. This is why we use safe words, why I send you a list of questions and why I ask about your hard limits. These questions are cruising before a session takes place. I need you to know, that you a with a fully trained professional.


I can honestly say I am proud of who I am and have become in our community. I live and breath the lifestyle with a passion and there is no way I could ever leave again. Vanilla life is not for me, I need my kink, I need to be able to train and teach my submissives and thet are my number one priority Their health and well being is my utmost priority and I like to get to know them as a friend and not just as a sub. They need to know they can talk to me about anything in their vanilla lives and not just as me being their Mistress.


I hope that this open and honest insight into my life has piqued your interest and after reviewing the rest of this site, you would like to enjoy a session with me please follow my contact information when we will be able to discuss your interests, limitations and tribute fully.


Why did I come back?


After so many years of being out of the scene. A particular book and film came out. Called 50 shades of grey. I started doing my research again and found that some people where not being trained and though that anyone can be a dominant. This made me nervous. Serous harm can be done if you are not trained.


I then found 3 mentors called Mistress Ammonite, Mistress Lady fire and Sir Bear Master. Who helped me to perfect my skills and refresh my knowledge of the lifestyle.